Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Pups REBORN: Addiction Pet Foods

The pups have moved to a new brand of food and after almost 1 month of feeding them with Addiction foods. Im pretty much ready to give my feedback because the changes were extraordinarily shocking for our family. 

Before Addiction

The dogs had been on a strictly Bil-Jac  diet for over a year not the healthiest of foods but at this point we were desperate. The dogs didn't seem to want to eat they're usual Blue Buffalo and on top of that they were puking it up. We thought maybe a bad batch? But after months of no luck we gave it up. Bil-Jac didn't seem to make the dogs sick they were having regular bowel movements but then again Bil-Jac still wasn't meeting the nutritional value we were looking for. We started the dogs on Addiction dogs food a couple weeks ago and there had be a darn good reason if we ever switch again.

Short summary of the issues we were having with dogs

  • Lack of energy
  • Isis started having seizures in February :(
  • Dull lifeless coats
  • Isis wobbly joints
  • Izzi's fur getting thin.
So as you see the symptoms of underlying problems were quite extensive. Non seemed to be life threatening besides the seizures. But nothing pains you more than to see your Fur kids not as happy as they used to be.
The dogs started using Addiction the first week of march when their bag of Bil Jac ran out.

The first week we noticed one big thing. Isis didn't have ANY seizure. She seemed to be getting more pep in her step, they all did. Less napping. Our family noticed but we thought it might be just them happy to be on something new. Too early for any significant change right?

WRONG! By week two it had to be the food. Isis was RUNNING she's 5 and has had one litter, at 2 years old after her litter was born she slowed down. Isis simply didnt run like a maniac around the house like she used to anymore. She might do a little jog but her pace was pretty much a slightly fast shuffle. So too see her sprinting around the house like her puppy years was almost a mental tear jerker. Still no seizures and the energy between the pups were flowing through the house.

Week 3 of addiction and we noticed that Izzi's fur was thicker her hair on her head had filled in and she wasn't losing it either. Isis joint were much better probably from the increased exercise and to help the process we will be starting her on vitamins soon. All three dogs coats are much fluffier and are getting the shine back in them, isis graying fur is completely reversing from gray to brown to black slowly and they were looking better than they had in almost 2 years!

Week 4 of their Addiction foods and they are still going strong their overall appearance physically is much better their behavior has done a complete 360 degrees. Isis is back to being the bossy puppy she was and even has started playing with toys again. We're completely in love with Addiction at this point though a bit pricey its completely worth the trouble of keeping our fur babies in the state they are in now.

Before Addiction

If you are interested in trying Addiction pet foods follow the link to the site below and follow their social channels.

Facebook: Addiction Pet Foods
Twitter: @AddictionPetUSA
Instagram: @addictionpetfoods

Disclaimer: I received this product free for review purposes however all opinions are my own, I received no monetary compensation for this review. This review isn't meant to cure or diagnose any medical issues. These are just the improvements we saw in our own three dogs.