Monday, March 21, 2016

Mr. CookWare Stainless Steel Grater/Zester

I got a new kitchen tool in the mail for review and I've been wanting one FOREVER. The new zester I received has become one of my favorite tools to use in the kitchen. I dream to go to culinary school to be a pastry chef so you'd see why a kitchen tool might strike excitement. Now don't get me wrong I've tried other graters to zest lemons but it was HELL and a  waste of a good 2-3 lemons zest just to get enough. Yes, hell I tell you.

The first thing I noticed about the grater was how sturdy and comfortable the handle was it made it so much easier to maneuver lemons without it snagging and slipping from my small hands. The second things were that the holes used to grate werent so small that it came out as well. "Smush" like the regular grater and they werent so big that it carved out huge chunks either.

The zester also came with a tiny brush to clean it with so no struggling with the cleaning process either. It was already very easy to clean without the brush and mist times the left over residue would just rinse away. Overall so far I'm loving this new addition to my set of kitchen utensils and with it being priced at only $6.99 its even better for being so affordable!

If you'd like to pick up your own new zester follow the link below! :)

DISCLAIMER: I received this product free courtesy of tomoson for test and review purposes however all opinions are my own.