Sunday, February 28, 2016

ILuv Syren Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I know I'm not the ONLY music lover on earth and I also know that sometimes when I want music I might not be able to enjoy it like I want either. Headphones were a great invention you can use them on runs, at the gym, to block out loud siblings ;) hey just a thought lol. But what about when head phones are an inconvenience? They fall out during vigorous exercise they tangle and well sometimes they just aren't worth the hassle of putting them on. Radios are great but very bulky and not something you want to walk around with. Come on people the boombox days over the shoulder is over! Time for something smaller but just as effective!

The iLuv syren portable radio is the definition of small with a big voice. Upon opening the box I was really concerned on the sound. Would it be loud? The answer is YES this tiny little portable speaker had great sound quality and is a good runner up for any portable speaker system such a the beats by dre. The convenience of its size is amazing it can easily fit in a purse, drawstring bag, or duffel.

They come in 6 great colors as well I love the price as well the syren is $39.99 and is just as good as the beats I have tried at double that price.

The syren has NFC technology as well as a built in microphone/Speaker for hands free calls the quality is also admirable.

The charge on this thing is great!  Unlike other bluetooth speakers that I had to charge constantly or it would say low battery after an hour. I and if you want to do more you can also connect it to audio devices using the auxiliary input.

Overall I loved it and cant wait to try out more of the iLuv line of portable speakers.

Disclaimer: I received this product free from the for review purposes however all opinions are my own, I was not compensated for this review.