Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dog Clicker & Whistle training

So SHOCKER Diez is not trained. I know I know he takes such great pictures but that is the power of the meatball treat. I was given the chance to review a clicker and whistle to try on him and well... lets see how that went.

The whistle came with the strap to put around your neck for easy access which I thought was great and the clicker came with the wristband which was equally great. Training Diez is very hard work considering the breed is very hyper active... Like a big chihuahua on steroids hyper. We tried the Sit and stay routines and he responded great to the clicker when telling him to take off but, the whistle was an entirely different story. The whistle is suppose to change frequencies when adjusted sadly I didn't hear any change and I don't believe he did either considering it did nothing at all to even get his attention. I would say If you'd like to purchase this set make sure to research your routines before hand. It also might work better on a puppy and less hyper dog. Overall I did enjoy the clicker and will continue using it.

You can find the clicker whistle set HERE

DISCLAIMER: I received this product free courtesy of tomoson for test and review purposes however all opinions are my own.