Thursday, February 25, 2016

Addiction Foods: At A Glance

The pups will soon be started on a new food manufactured in New Zealand. Im hoping to see some improvement atleast. I thought to give a little introduction of the food they will be on in the upcoming weeks so here goes these are the FACTS.

 Addiction foods was founded by a Holistic Veterinary and Clinacal Nutritionist who wanted to develop a food for dogs and cats that contained no fillers, by products, or preservatives.

Addiction foods is made using a premium protein source that doesn't cause food allergies

Grain free? YES Addiction foods is grain free which is a big must for a lot of pet owners.

Eco-Friendly? How can a pet food be eco friendly? Addiction foods participates in the eco sustainability movement meaning they only use animals that are considered agricultural pests.

So the credentials look good the ingredients are great and one thing I like myself on first appearance of the food is they are like little chips.  Not huge damaging pieces and can be eaten by dogs of all sizes.

I cant wait to see how the pups like it and will update again when we are done with our first trial of Addiction pet foods.