Sunday, February 28, 2016

12" Wooden Easels For Tiny Art Display

So I love art and even do a little painting myself so I was very happy to receive the 12" Tripod easels to test out. Here are my thoughts on these.
This particular pack from amazon comes with 4 easels that you have to assemble yourself. After we assembled them we tested them out.  A couple of seconds into testing them I noticed they weren't very sturdy and cant really hold weight for painting at all. Though they are very cute and miniature they didnt really work well for me. I'd suggest using a very small and hopefully weightless canvas on these if you're into tiny art that is lol. If you'd like to try you hand at tiny art follow the link below :).

DISCLAIMER: I received this product free courtesy of tomoson for test and review purposes however all opinions are my own.