Sunday, February 28, 2016

ILuv Syren Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I know I'm not the ONLY music lover on earth and I also know that sometimes when I want music I might not be able to enjoy it like I want either. Headphones were a great invention you can use them on runs, at the gym, to block out loud siblings ;) hey just a thought lol. But what about when head phones are an inconvenience? They fall out during vigorous exercise they tangle and well sometimes they just aren't worth the hassle of putting them on. Radios are great but very bulky and not something you want to walk around with. Come on people the boombox days over the shoulder is over! Time for something smaller but just as effective!

Heart Shaped Silicon Molds

Super duper to be reviewing these Silicon Heart Molds not only are they super cheap at the price of $7.99 they great when being used .

12" Wooden Easels For Tiny Art Display

So I love art and even do a little painting myself so I was very happy to receive the 12" Tripod easels to test out. Here are my thoughts on these.

Dog Clicker & Whistle training

So SHOCKER Diez is not trained. I know I know he takes such great pictures but that is the power of the meatball treat. I was given the chance to review a clicker and whistle to try on him and well... lets see how that went.

Meet the Glamour Pups! and Glamour Kitty!

Hello My pretties! So I have decided I am including more pet reviews and articles into the blog I've done them before but slowed up quite a bit. If you are, or have been apart of a pet household you know how much joy they can bring and how loyal they can be. I believe your pets should get the same amount of love and attention that you show yourself to have a glamorous and health life. So I'd like to formally introduce "The Glamour Pup and Kitty Squad".

Meet Diez

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Addiction Foods: At A Glance

The pups will soon be started on a new food manufactured in New Zealand. Im hoping to see some improvement atleast. I thought to give a little introduction of the food they will be on in the upcoming weeks so here goes these are the FACTS.

 Addiction foods was founded by a Holistic Veterinary and Clinacal Nutritionist who wanted to develop a food for dogs and cats that contained no fillers, by products, or preservatives.

Addiction foods is made using a premium protein source that doesn't cause food allergies

Grain free? YES Addiction foods is grain free which is a big must for a lot of pet owners.

Eco-Friendly? How can a pet food be eco friendly? Addiction foods participates in the eco sustainability movement meaning they only use animals that are considered agricultural pests.

So the credentials look good the ingredients are great and one thing I like myself on first appearance of the food is they are like little chips.  Not huge damaging pieces and can be eaten by dogs of all sizes.

I cant wait to see how the pups like it and will update again when we are done with our first trial of Addiction pet foods.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


 Hello Lovely's I've come to you with a review!!
It's the Holiday Season of course and well chocolate and sweets are a MUST for us girls even us single ones...who will be shopping for ourselves or shopping February 15th for the half price candy :). which is why its the perfect time to review Anchor Toffee made fresh in the state of Rhode Island. I was given the chance to sample a few of their delicacies and I must say I was not disappointed.