Saturday, January 30, 2016

Plant Apothecary

Haven't got any skincare reviews done in a while so I thought I might go ahead and review the bodywash I was trying out from Plant Apothecary. I try to have my skincare as natural and earth friendly as possible or atleast meet in the middle, which is why me trying a body wash is something very different considering I mostly use regular commercial brand.
Plant Apothecary is Brooklyn based and specialize in environmentally friendly products.

I was sent the "Get Happy" peppermint and geranium scenty bodywash to review and a couple smaller samples to just try out. The "Get Happy" bodywash had a good consistency for a body wash not runny at all and the peppermint wasnt overwhelming which is a plus. I do like that the wash actually lathers which is a big thing for me. The wash doesnt lather as much as a store bought but for a natural wash it is much better than many of the soaps Ive tried. It also comes in a nice squeeze bottle which is something I havent seen before.  The smaller samples worked just as well and the scents also were very nice.

I did recieve a few samples of the other products (Rice & Clean Face wash, Matcha face mask, and Super soak healing bath.)
The rice face wash was different but it was very exfoliating I didnt have any breakout which is nice but I did not see any major change considering it was a sample. The healing bath was also great I usually take showers but the soak made bath time a little more refreshing. My favorite of the samples was the matcha face mask it left my skin very soft after using it *Love masks*.
I did a little tiny tutorial for applying masks.

Get a small container and fan brush
Pour in a small amount of powder

Add in a small amount of water (not too much)
Or it might end up runny.
make it thick but manageable

And here comes my shrek picture!!

Guarenteed to scare anyone :) Overall I think these were pretty nice natural substitutes. If you'd like check out Plant Apothecary be sure to click the link below :)

This is a sponsored review. I received free product to test. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )