Saturday, January 2, 2016

Detomaso Watches

Hello!!! Im back with a review on Detomaso Watches a watch company located in germany. I was estatic to be recieving one of their new releases to review. Good quality elegant watches are hard to come by, and a watch that fits your preference is even to harder to find. Which is why I think the large selection in the Detomaso collection is something every watch buyer should look into. Lets be real good elegant watches are a good penny so why not put your penny into something you can be proud to wear daily. The watches ship from germany so if located in the USA I'd be sure to check out their shipping policies.


The box incasing the watch came in a box that was also wrapped to make sure the watch arrived a safely so thumbs up on packaging. The box itself was sleek and nice perfect for gifting to your man! (Valentines is next month heads up ladies)
After you open the box it reveals another metal container still very secure. At this point I knew the watch had to be intact it apparently arrived with maximum security *I feel fancy lol* :).

 Almost there!! Open the metal box and it reveals your metal plate congratulating you on being the owner of a Detomaso Watch. Kind of like a birth certifacate because the watch is your new baby!
Once you get pass the plate and the little informational booklet you get to stage 5 of your maximum security a foam insert to protect the watch from scratches and smudges. 


 Finally revealing your beautiful watch! The buildup of excitement from unboxing is one thing but the reveal itself is a whole different thing entirely. The watch came intact and looked just as it did in the photo. This watch particularly is the brand new "AIRBREAKER DT-YG101".

The Company Photo.

I had a lot of fun unboxing this and hope you go check out the site especially for valentines day presents for the man of your life. Click below at Detomaso watches to check them out!


This is a sponsored review. I received free product to test. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )