Saturday, January 30, 2016

Studio Gear True Lipstick Collection

GREAT NEWS! I was recently accepted into a new blogger program and for my first review I get to review the Studio Gear True Lipstick Collections!. Prior to this review I had never used studio gear lipstick only their primer and mascara so this was a nice little experiment for me. 

Plant Apothecary

Haven't got any skincare reviews done in a while so I thought I might go ahead and review the bodywash I was trying out from Plant Apothecary. I try to have my skincare as natural and earth friendly as possible or atleast meet in the middle, which is why me trying a body wash is something very different considering I mostly use regular commercial brand.
Plant Apothecary is Brooklyn based and specialize in environmentally friendly products.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Detomaso Watches

Hello!!! Im back with a review on Detomaso Watches a watch company located in germany. I was estatic to be recieving one of their new releases to review. Good quality elegant watches are hard to come by, and a watch that fits your preference is even to harder to find. Which is why I think the large selection in the Detomaso collection is something every watch buyer should look into. Lets be real good elegant watches are a good penny so why not put your penny into something you can be proud to wear daily. The watches ship from germany so if located in the USA I'd be sure to check out their shipping policies.