Sunday, December 13, 2015

Quirky Gifts & Knick Nacks From ZeitGeist-Gifts

Hey guys! I'm back with more reviews.  I had the opportunity to pick a couple of items to review and I thought since its the holiday season it would be best to post my review now. ZeitGeist-Gifts is a farely new online store full of unique gifts. You'll find everything from mugs to adhesive frame tape. The items I recieved are quite unusual and quirky but very fun products.

This is my absolute favorite item Ive recieved. If you're sick or simply not a morning person you will surely understand why this mug is so relatable :). We here on Grade A Glamour fully recommend cookies and hot beverages in a cup thats says how you feel for you!

Another cool item is the lunch beat cassette lunch box. It's very sturdy for a plastic lunch box and the closure on it is very secure. If you're a 2000s kid I fully understand if you dont realise how cool cassette tapes used to be. But to my older readers.....dont you love it lol.

Last but not least is the cassette tape cookie cutter because well... Whats the best thing to put inside a cassette case lunchbox and gift to one of you old school friends. COOKIES! Of course...duh. (Once again we fully support cookie munching.) 

Overall ZeitGeist-Gifts website was very to fun to check out and their items were something you wouldnt see at a regular store. If you'd like to pick out a few quirky gifts for your friends, families, strangers. Then click the linky I added and have fun :).

S/N: Remember cookie munching is good for you *maniacal laugh*

This is a sponsored review. I received free product to test. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )