Wednesday, December 16, 2015

House Of Bella Hair Puruvian Straight

Hello my pretties! Im back with a review on a few bundles I recieved from House Of Bella Hair!
As I have mentioned in a good bit of my reviews I am fully natural and while having untreated hair has extreme perks, once in a while I prefer to get a new style that I dont have to put as much work into. I recieved the 16", 18", 20" bundles. The bundles came very well packaged in a really cool bag I'll have that pictured below. It also had a very cool compact mirror brush baring the House of Bella Hair Logo which was also very cool.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Quirky Gifts & Knick Nacks From ZeitGeist-Gifts

Hey guys! I'm back with more reviews.  I had the opportunity to pick a couple of items to review and I thought since its the holiday season it would be best to post my review now. ZeitGeist-Gifts is a farely new online store full of unique gifts. You'll find everything from mugs to adhesive frame tape. The items I recieved are quite unusual and quirky but very fun products.