Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rich Hair Care

Hello my GORGEOUS readers today... or tonight rather, I have many reviews on the way but this review will be about a new hair company I had the chance to try out. Rich Hair Care is a fairly new brand originating in Europe but is now available in the USA. 

Here is what Rich Hair Care had to say about their products.

"The products’ natural-based formulas are infused with key ingredients such as pure luxurious botanicals, precious oils and restorative proteins to condition, nourish and help return hair to its natural beauty."

Well now let me hop right into my review.

Ive always had hair troubles. Having very course curly hair does have it's disadvantages. For those who like me have hair that soaks up every moisturizer, conditioner, oil, and elixir, yet STILL has dry hair in the next few hours or within the next day. It's hard to find a company that has everything you're looking for.

I recieved five products to test out.

Packaging: The box was very well packed and nothing shattered. As you can see the products were in glass bottles. I thought this was a very nice addition to everything it makes the products look very luxurious. Most products if not all hair products I've used were in basic plastic containers which is conveniant yet boring so the glass is something I found very neat. The only issue I've had with the glass is that you have to keep your hands very clean or be extremely careful not to drop the glass because they can be very slippery.

 I recieved the Intense Moisture shampoo & conditioner and I do in fact love these two. The best part is a little goes a very long way even in my thick hair. I know in some cases you'll have conditioner so thick you can barely get it out of the bottle and end up using a very large amount. Well not in this case.  I did my usual  shampoo rinse and then condition let sit for 10 minutes and rinse again. I have to say my hair was very soft afterwards and there was no left over residue so it does clean quite well. These two also have really nice smells! I know most salon quality products have that horrendous egg smell. But these are just as good without the kick to the nose.

 This next products is the Curl Enhancing Cream. Alot of creams claim to be curl enhancimg and alot never do the job hair just shrinks back into its natural limp or afro state and all those beautiful locks that appeared in the shower slowly dry away. I tried the curl cream after applying the upcoming products and attempted to do finger coils using the curl cream. I have naturally curly hair but it tends to *Poof* after a couple hours. I needed a product to enhance and preserve my curls.  So finger coils are basically when you apply a good amount of curl cream or moisturizer onto a piece of hair and coil your hair around your finger. Simple. I tried this method with the curl cream and not only did the curls become more defined they had more volume and were more springy. After I was done I put on a sateen hair bonnet and went to sleep. The next day my hair was dry but still very moisturized and the curl after being seperated still held their coil. 

The de-frizz shine mist I also used on my finger coils before and afterwards to see if it would stop the curls from frizzing as much. The next day they werent as frizzy as usual but again my hair is very course so there is no such thing as NO frizz. I did appreciate the shine they still had to them yet the frizz was still noticeable. I'd love to hear how it works on someone with straight hair.

Last but not least is the Argan oil elixir I absolutely adore this! Most argan oil based products tend to be very runny because HEY its oil. The argan oil elixir had a thicker consistency than just plain oil and does not leave that horrible acne inducing residue that regular oil have. I wont give up on my regular oils but I will be buying more of this as soon as I run out of my bottle.

Overall I enjoyed testing out these products and the results they left. After a full week of no added hair products after my one time use of these used together my hair was still very much soft and moisturized for the first time ever.

Pricing:**** I give the pricing fours stars. Alot of products tend to run you a good $7-$15 and I do find that slightly pricey but with the given results I'd be fine to splurge on these.



Will I buy again? Yes I will be making a purchase.

If you'd like to make a purchase or just check out the USA site of Rich Hair Care please follow the link here -----> RICH

This is a sponsored review. I received either Compensation or Free Product. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )