Saturday, November 21, 2015

Moom Organic Hair Removal + Giveaway

So I'm back once more! In memory of "No Shave November"I thought it might be the perfect time to review a hair removal system.
I had the opportunity to test out Moom Organic Hair Removal and im ready to give it a proper review.
Moom is NOT a wax at all. In fact it is so organic its completely edible and water soluble. Moom contains only Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Chamomile Tea, Organic Lemon Juice, And Organic Tea Tree Oil.
Moom is meant to be a less painful solution to waxing. I recieved the Moom Hair removal system along with the Moom Travel Hair removal system and the Eyebrow Shaping Kit. Lucky for you guys I'm a chicken when it comes to eyebrow grooming O.o and I've decided to host a giveaway for it instead.

To start off I will say this was my first time trying a hair removal system besides "Nair" which I really dislike, and just regular shaving.

I've heard TERRIBLE stories of waxing before seen videos just as bad, and that disuaded me from trying it for a very long time. I was researching sugar waxing a while back and came across Moom instead. I reached out to review their product and I'm happy I did.  Below is what comes with it the glaze is a thick honey like consistency.

After reading the directions that seemed easy enough I finally tried Moom. BUT not before my sister so eagerly decided she wanted to try first. *Funny part ahead*  So my first attempt (well hers) was not so good. Halfway through waxing she chickened out. *LOL* When removing the strip instead of pulling down she flinched and her arm came down and ended up pulling the strip away from her arm and not down in the process. The end results were the hair was removed but she bled slightly. If you have a sister  you probably understand why me and my mother found this HILARIOUS. We were on the floor laughing quite literally.

Hair before removal
Hair removed

So after her misfortune I decided to do it the right way and Im pretty pleased with results.
I decided to do places I cant stand hair (Below my belly button, and on my legs)
Hair before.
No Hair afterwards

As you can see the hair is gone and this was using one strip. I'll show you what the strip looked like below. The process on this area was almost painless. If felt like a pinch and it was over.

 I decided for the next are I'll do a bigger surface and decided to do my leg. Those were also like a sharp pinch and it was over in no time at all. 
             1st strip
2nd strip.

I was very impressed with my results on my legs as well. I do however believe the amount of discomfort depends on the person and if the area is sensitive or not. I will continue using this for my legs and belly. They were really smooth after this, and an update from my sister "The hair grows back softer".
As I mentioned before the glaze is water soluble and also the strips are reusable. Just rinse, wash and let dry.
Easy Breezy.
I think the Moom Organic Hair Removal is a great alternative to general waxing. I'd love to hear your results as well! If you would like to try MOOM click the link below.
Link:-----------------> MOOM

This is a sponsored review. I received free product to test. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )


 Moom Organic Eyebrow Shaping Kit with Pomegranate

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