Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dark and Classic

 Every girl has that day where she might want to be sophisticated in her own way, the day she puts away her pinks and bright yellows the day she packs up her pastels. WELL if you are like me then you know what that means.....Autumn is upon us!!! Im not one for cold weather but im a sucker for dark colors and leather jackets. Unlike some fashionistas I'm more of a jeans and tanktop type girl with a twist. I adore my sneaker wedges year round and to my families embarrasment I always have a jacket no matter the weather. (Yea Im a weirdo.) Well Autumn might not be my favorite season or winter either, but its my style calling and ill focus on that for the next few months.
So without further ado pull out your plums and dark reds. Pull out your long sweater and coal black eyeliner. Lets begin this Holiday season with a BANG!

When your OOTD is amazeballs....FLAUNT it.