Sunday, March 15, 2015

Send Me Gluten Free (SUBSCRIPTION BOX) March 2015

I received my "Send Me Gluten Free Box" And I was happy with the contents! The reason for wanting to try Send Me Gluten Free wasn't just for the thrill of new boxes or my path to healthy eating. It was all a family matter. My little sister was diagnosed with Autism a while back and while constant homeschooling does very well to help her learn new things. Her eating habits played a huge roll in it as well. She is a bread ADDICT. I mean who doesn't eat bread? Well anyways, most grocery store breads and products contain gluten. Gluten did a number on her attention span and understanding of things. However once gluten was removed from her diet she was later able to learn how to read and count.

Well that  is my...well her backstory lets get on to the review!

Send Me Gluten Free comes in this awesome bright orange box. Its pretty big as well.

Here is the box at a glance. It is filled to capacity with tons of gluten free products. One of the things I love about this box is their (Send Me Savings). Not only do they send you gluten free goodies they send coupons too!

Here is a closeup of the pretty orange envelope.

Here are the contents! I was surprised that I hadn't heard of any of these products in here. Usually I would know of at least one or two of the products, but all these were completely new to me. Heres a list of the items.

Surf Sweets gummy Bears (Little sister devoured)

Too sum snack bar (Mom raided me of this one)

Le Venezane Lasagna noodles (Strictly for little sister)

Kimchee seasoning

Cobrazol Pain relief (Mom Raided me of this one)

Nogii Whey and Quineo protein (Mom raided me of this one)

Toufayan Gluten free tortillas (Strictly for little sister)

Figgies & Jammies ( MINE!!! I loved it. Definitely buying more)

Black cherry Joint health chew (Mom raided me of this)

As you see everything in my box was able to be put to use, with a house of 7 its almost impossible not to find a use.

Here is all the coupons!!

Overall this a great box that even a family would love :) 
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This is a sponsored review. I received either Compensation or Free Product. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )