Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wildlife Conservation

Since childhood I have been an animal enthusiast and loved going to see them. But at that time I hadn't realized how wrong of an environment many of them had been put in to live out their lives. As I got older I ventured into animal documentaries, animal art work, animal books, and I strived to learn as much as I could about them with my favorites being Big Cats. Family often asked me if I wanted to be a vet or Zoologist and I always answered "Not really, I just love them". Now after years of reading the horrors of animal hoarding, habitats being taken, and animals being taken,injured,  Bred and killed for nothing other than human greed. I thought that I would start this page and dedicate it to Wildlife Conservation. Wild Animals should never be caged when they originally spent their lives on thousands and thousands of miles of land they called home. Wild Animals shouldn't be bred just for the sake of money. NO Wild Animal mother should ever have to be sedated after giving birth so humans can go in and take their babies for profit. People often forget these are living breathing beings. They deserve to be treated as such. So! With out Further ado I introduce to you the ["Grade A Glamour" Wildlife Conservation Page] Animals DESERVE to lead a Glamorous life too. 

Have a Glamorous Day -Mini