Friday, February 27, 2015

T spheres Aromatherapy

Hey guys sorry for the Hiatus.  I’ve am in the middle of moving. Okay, so I am going review Tspheres. I have had time to use this product in a wide range of settings.
First of all, I have a lot of back issues some of these issues cause me to be out of commission from my daily life and I’m usually stuck in bed or very limited to the activities that I can do. I will let you know that my first thing was to use them during that time where I am usually in a lot of pain. I decided to use it during the course of moving which as you know require lots of up and down and picking up boxes. This made my sciatica pain flare up. It also irritated an old injury. I decided to use Tspheres for self massage. I placed it in the area right on my sacrum where most of my pain was then I proceeded to lean into that area whether it was laying down or sitting in a chair. Because of the small size of the sphere it was able to fit directly where I needed it the most. Mostly this product has been used by my spouse who is a massage therapist. He decided to use the Tsphere during my massage too, on some of the knots that I had. It helped him because it took some of the stress off of his palms, wrist and fingers. As for me it was very calming and the aroma was not overpowering. We also used it for migraines. At first it feels awkward rolling it around on your head but you’ll get used to it. Tspheres is an incredible product; the thought behind it is amazing. The pouch it comes in keeps the light from it and also makes it easier to travel with. And with the aromatherapy oil that you get with it you don’t have to spritz it often. Overall this item is a must have for a busy parent or any member of your family that has muscle and joint pain, or just want to ease some tension. It would also make a nice gift for male/female.

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