Friday, February 27, 2015

Sugar Bash Box

Hey guys! I got the chance to try out a BRAND new lifestyle subscription box! When SugarBash reached out to me I was ecstatic! The review today will be about the contents and the price? Is it worth it? Well let's find out ! 
This is the box the box came in with an introduction to sugar bash :)
I've added a closeup so you may read what it says.
Before I start my unboxing. I'm here to give you a few details. The Sugar Bash box is $25 dollars and for that price you get $60 worth of merchandise.
I was really surprised when I found out about that. I mean theirs a HUGE gap between 25 and 60. How could that be possible? Being my package happy self, I proceeded to unpack my box.
This is what the Sugar Bash box looks like...PRETTY HUGE!
All most there! everything's packaged safely.
So here is the box! As you can see in the photo it is filled to capacity with...FULLSIZED ITEMS!!*Air Fist*   There are 9 items. At first glance I thought their were a bunch of tampons in there. Lol but its OK they're not . Here is the list of the contents.

  • Picture Keeper
  • Helios Tanning Towel
  • Diana Reeves CD
  • Kuhn Rikon potato peeler
  • KeraCare edge tamer from Avalon
  • x1 makeup remover wipe
  • x3 moist cotton towelettes
These wipes can come in handy alot. Instead of bringing wet wipes and such these are easy to conceal and can totally fit in a purse for easy access. They could be used for when us girls have to get our hands dirty. The ones in the box were lavender, lemon, and unscented. Unscented would be very helpful for people with sensitive skin. Lemon and lavender are to great options as well and they'll leave your hands clean and fresh.
The picture keeper USB is my absolute favorite from the whole box! I'm a tech savvy person and I try to be as organized as possible with my blog. One of my pet peeves is having hundreds and hundreds of photos in my tablet or phone. This picture keeper is my savior. It keeps up to 4000 pictures!!!! While blogging I have to take pictures for almost everything. Now instead of storing them in my phone or tablet I can store them here :). This was a real SCORE for me and may be of use to a few selfie savvy people or the "Can't miss a moment" mom. 
Okay so here's the Tanning towel. Sadly I wont be able to use this because I am african american and have no need to tan :P. But I will be putting this up for a giveaway soon on my new site :). Im sure many of you would love this Self tanning towel.
The makeup remover wipe is also something I can use. I wear eyeliner and mascara EVERY day no matter if Im just staying at home for the day. This will make my cleanup easier and I wont have to do my usual (rub my eyelashes out water scrub).

I was surprised to find a CD in the box, Im always open to new music selections and I never had heard of Dianne Reeves before, so I will be giving her a try.

This is my second favorite item from the whole box! Its the Avalon KeraCare edge tamer. My sister used up all of my edge glaze and I was in need of some more. It wont hurt to try a new brand :). I will do a review after I see how it works out!

The potato peeler is by far the quirkiest item Ive ever seen in a subscription box. But I wouldn't hesitate to try it out. This Peeler is actually sturdier than the basic bendy metal ones. And we tend to go through them like crazy in my house. Right now we have a really great one but if that one decides to self destruct I know I'll have a backup peeler.

Overall I think this is a really quirky and surprising box you'll never know what you're going to get which is exactly what a lifestyle box should be :) full of surprises. One of the best things is you really get your moneys worth. For $25 I got over $78 worth of products! Thats even over the stated amount!

Repurchase? : I would repurchase this box simply because the value of the box is more than the 25 bucks you pay for it.

This Is the end of the review for the SUGARBASH Box and I would like to thank Sugarbash for opportunity to review their box and for sponsoring! Have a Great day :) -Mini

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This is a sponsored review. I received either Compensation or Free Product. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )