Friday, February 27, 2015

Sequoia Beauty (Sample Review)

Morning! To start off my review stampede today is Sequoia Beauty!
To start I received 5 samples,

my favorite was the Honey mask it smells great and was very hydrating the best things is the natural ingredients used to make it! My second favorite was the almond exfoliate it makes your face super soft and isn't too rough it can also double as a mask, and because it comes in a raw form it lasts longer than many exfoliates I have tried! The citrus lip healer is also a great product and works well on chapped lips to restore the softness of your lips and conquer those cracks. The fourth sample was the nourish serum, because of all the natural seed oils in this product it does a number of things. The nourish serum is like a all in one face protectant. Last but not least is the Purity Face and body balm this balm is great for dry skin it also has no water or preservatives and you only need a little most times!

This is a sponsored review. I received either Compensation or Free Product. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be :)