Friday, February 27, 2015

Red Apple Lipstick

Hi! Other sister here. I will be reviewing the "Red Apple Lipstick"company & to start it off I'll say that they have amazing colors on their site. The lipsticks I've received are "Light my Fire" (lip-gloss) & "Queen of Hearts" (lipstick). The "Light My Fire" gloss is very refreshing & it smells wonderful.
It does appear clear when you put it on instead of red like you would think BUT it comes off red so try not to get this magic gloss on your white clothes. "Queen of Hearts" is a very "elegant" color like my mother said. I think it's the perfect lipstick to wear if you were going out on a dinner date or to a fancy party. Both glosses are wonderful & I give this company a solid another 20.

(tip:) Try both of them together, first "Queen of Hearts" then "Light My Fire", the color comes out beyond perf'.

-Other sister xo


This is a sponsored review. I received either Compensation or Free Product. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )

If you follow the blog you've seen my review on red apple lipstick. Well I've had an update! Recently if you were in Oklahoma or the surrounding areas OR any state that felt the bitter sting of snow and ice you'll know what i mean when i say chapped lips are horrible things especially when you cant find the right brand to work! Well I have come with a solution! RED APPLE LIPSTICK to the rescue. If you checked out the site you'll see some of their glosses have spearmint in them like the one I received "Queen of heart's" and this by far is the best thing to use for dry chapped lips. During the winter I have tried numerous things to console me and give a little comfort during the harsh weather when I remembered...Hey! let me try this ,after just one use I saw a HUGE difference not only did it stop the burning from too much lip licking agony it had a nice smell great tint and great glossy look. After the trouble I have found the perfect thing! So next winter before the torrential ice storms icy roads and bitter weather make sure you add this to your winter safety kit a Lip Hero delivered straight to your doorstep. you wont regret it!