Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MoonValley Organics


Hello ladies!...and Wondering Gentleman  :) My Second Review for the month of January is Moon Valley Organics.
Moon Valley Organics. Completely caught me off Guard their products have probably the most Unique Recycled packaging I've ever seen :') The first item I'll be talking about it their "Orange spice cleansing Body Bar", The Bar is a very nice addition to my body care products not only is it Organic, Natural, and gluten free it Lathers VERY well unlike many organic soaps i have tried. It also provided great moisturization and a nice orange smell. The second Product presented to you is the "Moon Melt Lotion Bar" it comes in a pretty circular tin "which i'll be using for a little case once I'm done with the lotion ;)" The lotion bar is a great must have item for on the go just rub it on and rub it in and there your good for up to 5 hours at the least :)! The 3rd Product Is the Peppermint foot rub ( If you do not like peppermint this product isnt for you) This product is the true definition of a peppermint foot rub It smells Great and remedies dry feet just make sure to wear socks after us to get the best results. the Last but not least is the Herbal lip balm in vanilla It's great for winter use and helps with dry chapped lips and of course it smells of Vanilla which is a plus! And to repeat ALL of these products are Natural and organic so if you wish to be on a safer way to clean try them and see if they are right for you!!<3
XOXO ~Sister~
This is a sponsored review. I received either Compensation or Free Product. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )