Friday, February 27, 2015

How to complete an outfit with pinky paradise Circle lenses.

In any animated movie, book, or game what makes the character is the eyes. Eyes tell you if their happy , sad, angry, or nervous. So when dressing up as a character its always important to get the eyes right. Pinky Paradise Circle lenses will bring life to any costume. With over 300 lenses in their online store to choose  from it is nearly impossible to not find a pair to complete your outfit. Here I will show you a costume that you can complete with Pinky paradises Circle lenses.

Below you will find everything you need for a great Chun-li costume.The Circle lenses used here are "GEO Princess Mimi Almond Brown". These deep brown lenses give an enlarging effect and a Dazzling finish to the costume. Chin-Li Originally has big brown eyes and these lenses deliver just that!
A lot of costumes come with hair accessories and you may style your hair as such.
GEO Princess Mimi Almond Brown Colored Contacts
By now if you live in todays society of vampire and werewolf romances. We all know what it takes to be a vampire. Fangs, Super strength, Dark clothing, and of Course (RED EYES). Red eyes are not a natural look so when dressing as a blood sucking vampire do not go for natural.You want something that you would be able to see from across a room. You want something that drags all attention to you. Am I right?
"Vassen Dolly Plus Red" is perfect for vampire costumes. Their vibrant red coloring is nearly impossible to miss. These lenses are also larger than average contact lenses. The unnatural look of these are the best part about them. Another great thing about Pinky paradise is they are highly affordable! Though they have disposable lenses, most last a whole year! With prices ranging from $19-$45 dollars you can get a long term lense for a small price. You can also get prescription lenses if you wear glasses or contacts. So no sitting and missing out on any of the costume fun!
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