Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hair is an accessory

Picking out a great outfit is great! But picking out the best hairstyle too match is amazing. Hair is an essential part to fashion. Remember in the movies when after they put on their outfit they'll say "Off to hair and makeup". A good and unique hairstyle is like the cherry on top of the sundae. So make sure that when you pick out the perfect outfit, you should pick out the perfect hairstyle as well.
I'm going to show you a couple of hairstyles that tops off an outfit. Modeling is my Fashion Savvy sister Andra and you may follow her new Instagram @who_daaaat .
Marley Twists
In this photo Andra is rocking Marley twists. named after Bob Marley of course. Marley twists are fairly easy to do. And not very time consuming. She is wearing a bucket hat. You may see many people wearing these because of rapper "ScHoolBOY Q" and they are very popular with teens. She bought the hat and the Brooklyn hoodie at Rue 21. Rue 21 has lots of trending items and AWESOME sales. For every $40 you spend you get $20 in rue bucks to spend!  We shop there almost every week!
In this photo Andra is rocking a twist out using her natural hair. You can find many videos on how to do this style on YouTube. The loves necklace was 49 cent on And as for the candy cane striped crop top you can find many great items on clothing trading and selling sites.