Friday, February 27, 2015

Balancing Seaweed Cleanser

I received this cleanser in the mail a few weeks ago from Lily Farm Fresh Skincare and I love it! After a horrible acne attack I finally had something to rescue me.
The Balancing Seaweed facial cleanser cleans, balances, and detoxifies the skin. It also helps battle acne and blemish prone skin. It's very light and leaves your face feeling shiny any new. If you do purchase and It doesn't lather don't be afraid it's not suppose too. After a week and a half of using this awesome product i definitely saw improvement not only did my acne start to disappear I had more of a glow to my natural complexion so my rate on this product is 10!!

This is a sponsored review. I received either Compensation or Free Product. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and foreve)r will be :)