Friday, February 27, 2015

Thrift store styling!

If you haven't went thrifting you are missing out! Buying clothes at the  thrift store can save you tons of $$$ on clothes, bags, shoes (if you find a good pair) and it also gives you the opportunity to make your own clothes, Create your own style, start your own trend.

Wholesale Fashion Shoes

I received these shoes from wholesale fashion shoes and I love them! Wholesale fashion shoes have many great styles of shoes and most are under $10

How to complete an outfit with pinky paradise Circle lenses.

In any animated movie, book, or game what makes the character is the eyes. Eyes tell you if their happy , sad, angry, or nervous. So when dressing up as a character its always important to get the eyes right. Pinky Paradise Circle lenses will bring life to any costume. With over 300 lenses in their online store to choose  from it is nearly impossible to not find a pair to complete your outfit. Here I will show you a costume that you can complete with Pinky paradises Circle lenses.

Earth Bath Shampoo and Wipes

The Furkids have mail! Starting off our pet section EarthBath! If you are natural why cant your pet be two they have thoughts and feelings too.  EarthBath natural pet product are really handy for keeping your pup happy and healthy

Element Bars

For my kickoff product for my veganize it section I'm going to review Element bars Custom Energy Bars. Element bars is a truly unique sight. You can customize your energy bar to whatever your preferred taste or eating style!

Yacon Syrup

Yayy I got the chance to try out Yacon syrup. Yacon syrup is a natural syrup derived from the Yacon plant in South America and It also helps boost your metabolism to promote weight loss! Though the bottle looks slightly medicinal it's a sweetener

Vegan Almond Joy Ice Cream

Vegan Almond Joy Ice Cream

What you need...
1 Bowl
So delicious Coconut vanilla bean Ice Cream
1/4 Cup chopped Almonds
1 Cocoa Coconut Square bar

Square Bar

Square Bar is an organic protein bar they come in 3 different flavors! Cocoa Crunch, Cocoa Coconut and Cocoa almond. They have no refined sugar, Soy free, Gluten free, and Non GMO

Red Apple Lipstick

Hi! Other sister here. I will be reviewing the "Red Apple Lipstick"company & to start it off I'll say that they have amazing colors on their site. The lipsticks I've received are "Light my Fire" (lip-gloss) & "Queen of Hearts" (lipstick). The "Light My Fire" gloss is very refreshing & it smells wonderful.

Mud Puddle Hair Wash

Do you need something quick! Something 100% Natural 100% Vegan no preservatives and not tested on animals to wash your hair with?

Balancing Seaweed Cleanser

I received this cleanser in the mail a few weeks ago from Lily Farm Fresh Skincare and I love it! After a horrible acne attack I finally had something to rescue me.


T spheres Aromatherapy

Hey guys sorry for the Hiatus.  I’ve am in the middle of moving. Okay, so I am going review Tspheres. I have had time to use this product in a wide range of settings.

Original Sprout

Im backkkkkk!!! with January's Reviews and to start off i'll be reviewing my experience with this neat little company Calleddddd *drumroll please* Original Sprout!!!

Sequoia Beauty (Sample Review)

Morning! To start off my review stampede today is Sequoia Beauty!
To start I received 5 samples,

Sweet Mana

Back with another review on this lovely Company. Sweet ManaNatural body products are completely amazing, I received this adorable pouch with a strawberry guava chapstick, Soy candle body butter candle, And roll on perfume

Hair & Body Pastries

I'm so Happy I came across Hair & Body Pastries I love natural dessert scented products that work great!
To start off I'll just say go to the store before you open your package lol!

Loving Touch all natural Boutique "Satin Hair Creme"

Loving Touch all natural boutique sells many wonderful products but today I will be reviewing their Satin Hair Creme

Helios self Tanning Towel Giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sugar Bash Box

Hey guys! I got the chance to try out a BRAND new lifestyle subscription box! When SugarBash reached out to me I was ecstatic! The review today will be about the contents and the price? Is it worth it? Well let's find out ! 
This is the box the box came in with an introduction to sugar bash :)
I've added a closeup so you may read what it says.
Before I start my unboxing. I'm here to give you a few details. The Sugar Bash box is $25 dollars and for that price you get $60 worth of merchandise.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

World Wildlife Foundation




*United Kingdom Residents Donate HERE *

Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation


Wildlife Conservation

Since childhood I have been an animal enthusiast and loved going to see them. But at that time I hadn't realized how wrong of an environment many of them had been put in to live out their lives. As I got older I ventured into animal documentaries, animal art work, animal books, and I strived to learn as much as I could about them with my favorites being Big Cats. Family often asked me if I wanted to be a vet or Zoologist and I always answered "Not really, I just love them". Now after years of reading the horrors of animal hoarding, habitats being taken, and animals being taken,injured,  Bred and killed for nothing other than human greed. I thought that I would start this page and dedicate it to Wildlife Conservation. Wild Animals should never be caged when they originally spent their lives on thousands and thousands of miles of land they called home. Wild Animals shouldn't be bred just for the sake of money. NO Wild Animal mother should ever have to be sedated after giving birth so humans can go in and take their babies for profit. People often forget these are living breathing beings. They deserve to be treated as such. So! With out Further ado I introduce to you the ["Grade A Glamour" Wildlife Conservation Page] Animals DESERVE to lead a Glamorous life too. 

Have a Glamorous Day -Mini

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MoonValley Organics


Hello ladies!...and Wondering Gentleman  :) My Second Review for the month of January is Moon Valley Organics.

Honey Girl Organics!

Ellis Faas Cosmestics

So I'm back with a lot of new samples!! These samples here are from the Ellis Faas line I received foundation samples and a liquid lipstick and it was a HUGE surprise to get a FULL sized mascara!

Created On Polyvore is a great website for people who like to create an outfit AND be able to buy the clothes. I will be using polvore to make outfits weekly

Body by Madhi

Hello guys! I bring you today my Review on Body By Madhi. As you see in my photo body by madhi products look and smell DELICIOUS but that isnt even the best part! All this is Natural and good for your skin!

Jonboy Caramels

Jonboy caramels sent me 3 Boxes to review but to start off... History Lesson. Jonboy caramels is an Artisan Confection company in Seattle, Washington. They make Great Caramels.

Eco Friendly Road Trip Snacks & Supplies

When going on a long road trip the worst thing to do is stop for fast food or even a coffee. How many have had issues with this before? You even had to make more stops because of (upset stomach, indigestion, heartburn, nausea.... you know the rest) Well, there are much better options out there, and you save gas money from not going to all the usual extra stops  for food and coffee (Hell yes!) So this review is about eating healthy , staying full, staying awake , ...and saving the environment? Yes there are plenty of fool proof plans to save the environment and we will get there at the end. So enjoy the ride :)
Having water is  essential to road trips, but don't we want something flavored. Sitting on this lonnnnnggggggg ride and all you have to drink is water?...No more of that!  Here is a list of things you can drink along with your h20.
  • Sambazon: Many of you probably have heard of sambazon and their many great flavors. You can find these at your local grocery store. These are also good for the road!

  • Raaw Juice: At first glance Raaw juice seemed absolutely too healthy to drink, as a teen I'm supposed to run and hide from any fruits and veggies right? WRONG! Raaw Juice is amazing and organic :) Also Teen approved (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐).

  • Mama Chia: Mama chia is USDA organic and also very good to take on the road. With all the chia seeds inside it, it will keep you very hydrated and full!

•  Scheckters organic energy drink: This energy drink is a must have when on a road trip. Switch your coffee for a organic energy drink without the crash afterwards. Scheckters is 100% natural and organic 100% vegetarian and fair trade certified

Gourmet Body Pastries

WARNING: These items may cause increased sweet tooth and cravings! Who loves natural? I do I do!! Who loves sweets? Yea Me too! Well then Gourmet Body Pastries is right for you!! I received these AWESOME products from Gourmet body pastries and I am Highly Impressed with this brand. The scents are literally mouth watering. I received Lemon souffle Body Butter,and Rainbow Sherbet Hair custard. I also received smaller samples..Key lime mouuse scrub and body cream, Orange Dreamsicle scrub, Chocolate Caramel Fantasy body cream,and last but not least my favorite cinnamon sugar body cream!! This a great way to moisturize in a natural healthy way with out missing out on the sweet scents that many unnatural lotions have in them. And they also take care of your hair and body. They have smaller sizes available to tote around in your purse or car so make your friends jealous smell like a sweet shop have fun with this amazing brand and make sure to tell your friends! In closing I commend Melanie: Owner and founder of Gourmet Body Pastries for making such a remarkable brand!! Definitely will be making a purchase!
EXTRA: The Valentines sale is running til the end of February items are 40% go take a look :

This is a sponsored review. I received either Compensation or Free Product. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

REVIEW: Lesson #1 Fill The Walls!!! ft Fulcrum Gallery

Hello! I'm back with a review that was supposed to be posted AGES ago. It will be the Kick off review of our 10 ways to decorate a rental house!

So here we go! Lesson #1 Fill The Walls!!! Ft.

Have you ever been on the search for the perfect portrait to fill the empty spaces of your walls? White walls are so Cliche. In our new home  their was no definition to the house whatsoever. Well until we brainstormed.

Fulcrum Gallery is an online shop of Gorgeous portraits of all kinds! I guarantee you won't leave the site without a list of  paintings you're interested in purchasing.

One of the great features of this site is they're customizable options for the artwork you choose. You can even choose a frame or just get the canvas itself to be stretched by you or your local crafts store.

Being me I ❤ D.I.Y  projects so when Fulcrum Gallery offered to send me a portrait I jumped at the chance to stretch it myself :). 

Here's the after math of the portrait! I think it went well. I chose Joadoor Tutenchamun's Mask
 Portrait printed on canvas. And I love it. It goes very nicely with the African/Egyptian theme of my house. It is also very detailed and true to the color on the site. This portrait is huge and takes up quite a bit of room on a wall. Which is why it makes a great center portrait for our rental house living room.

Here are some decoration that we have that would be awesome to use with this portrait.

I highly recommend Fulcrum gallery for all  home decorating. I know I will be buying from them again when I start an animal themed room! To check out more awesome portraits like the one I received check out Fulcrum gallery in the link below!


This is a sponsored review. I received either Compensation or Free Product. However, ALL opinions expressed are my own and forever will be : )